Our Work

Our reason for being

We’ re here to do three very important jobs…

  1. To share knowledge and raise awareness among men (particularly young men who think they are bullet proof and nothing like this will ever happen to them) of what the prostate is and the simple testing process available to them to keep it in check.
  2. To fund dedicated Prostate Cancer Care Nurses and support men and their families living with prostate cancer.
  3. To lower the rates of advanced Prostate Cancer in this country and save precious lives. To do this we need to convince government and the community to pay more attention and dedicate more funds to education and screening.

The work we do

No bull and no bureaucracy, that’ s our mantra. We provide hands on help, support information and awareness, including:

Workplace Education Program

We encourage businesses big and small to educate their workforce about prostate cancer through our Workplace Education Program. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related death in Australian men, however if detected early almost 93% will survive.

Our Program educates employees about prostate cancer and motivates them to be proactive about this area of their health.

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On the Road Tours

Every year ManUp! hits the road and visits communities across rural and regional Queensland. We find that it’ s in these areas where the men are not taking care of their health the way they should and putting off testing till tomorrow or the next day.

Our aim is to educate and motivate them to ManUp! before it is too late..

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Fundraising Events

ManUp! hosts two signature fundraising events throughout the year. It’ s a chance for everyone to have some fun, while helping a good cause.

Fashion Parade and High Tea – 15th October 2016

ManUp! Gala Dinner – 27th May 2017


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Support for men and their families living with Prostate Cancer

So little is said about Prostate Cancer generally, so it’ s no surprise that when you are diagnosed with it, there is very little support and information. ManUp! is dedicated to ensuring that every man living with prostate cancer has access to the support of a Prostate Cancer Care Nurse so that they have the information and care they need and deserve

Specialist Prostate Cancer Care Nurses

There are too few nurses who specialise in the care of Prostate Cancer patients. It is vital for men living with prostate cancer to have specific care so that they have more timely and easily understood information on the impact of treatment side effects on daily life. Prostate Cancer Care Nurses are a crucial point of contact for patients and their families by coordinating access to care and services such as physiotherapy and counselling. ManUp! ‘ s hope is for all men living with prostate cancer to have access to a Prostate Cancer Care Nurse in the future and are busily raising funds to ensure that this will become a reality.