About Us

The Signature Program

The ManUp! Prostate Cancer Educational Program was born.

In 2014 Brian and Jill launched the program and went on the road visiting 37 communities over six weeks. The program continued to grow and by 2017 they were visiting up to 65 communities every year.

Sadly, after battling several melanomas and lung cancer, Brian passed away in March 2018.

Leah, Brian and Jill’s daughter, joined ManUp! in late 2017 to ensure the charity could continue its vital work.

Jill and Leah now spend ten months on the road visiting more than 70 regional and rural communities educating men about prostate cancer and the need for regular testing to capture this disease in the early curable stages.

Why We Do It

Our goal is to educate men and their families and ultimately save lives.

We don’t want anyone to lose their husband, dad, brother or son to prostate cancer because they simply didn’t know what to do.

Our mantra is clear:

  • If you are 40 years or older, ask your doctor for a PSA blood test
  • Have the test every year to establish your baseline
  • Know your SCORE, understand it and track it
  • Encourage your mates to do the same

Help us help others

We rely on community support to be able to fund our vital education programs.

We are committed to spreading information about regular testing and helping people understand this devastating disease.

Your support also helps to fund Prostrate Cancer Care Nurses. While there are more than 200 breast cancer care nurses in Australia, there are only 43 prostate cancer care curses, a number we want to help increase.

Help us change the statistics and make a difference to the lives of men living in rural and regional areas.

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