Why ManUp?

Well, we don’t think this country is doing enough for the men we love. We’re a registered not–for-profit organisation that was set-up because we’ve been down this road of prostate cancer and seen a lot of sadness and loss. It simply does not need to be this way.

ManUp was established by Brian and Jill Costello in 2010 after Brian was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and they had difficulty finding relevant information or assistance.

Six years on and having survived the Cancer, Brian and Jill are determined to dedicate their time and resources to educating Australian men about prostate cancer and getting them into the habit of being tested every year.

Prostate cancer is not just an old man’s disease, but unfortunately not enough is being said about it to young Australian men.

Just two simple steps, just once a year.

Where we fit

ManUp!was established to provide hands-on, grassroots education and support to men (young and old).

We are dedicated to educating all men, so they are aware of prostate cancer and get into the habit of being tested annually – thereby capturing Prostate Cancer before it takes hold.

We’ re also here to raise funds for dedicated Prostate Cancer Nurses and support for men and their families who are living with Prostate Cancer.

The People Behind ManUp!

Meet the team who keep ManUp running.

Jill Costello

Jill Costello is a mother of two adult children, Leah and David. She has a Psychology Degree and a Degree in Education specializing in Special Needs. Together with her husband Brian, Jill co-founded ManUp! following Brian’ s diagnosis with prostate cancer in 2009. Jill had experienced the wonderful support offered by a specialty care nurse after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and decided that all men living with prostate needed and deserved the support of a Prostate Cancer Care Nurse.

Brian Costello

Brian Costello and his wife Jill established ManUp! Australia following Brian’ s diagnosis with prostate cancer in 2009. Brian is an active Director of the charity and is committed to raising the awareness of prostate cancer in the community. He believes that every man has the right to know he has prostate cancer while it is still treatable. Brian’ s past experiences in education, working as a secondary school teacher, has helped him to deliver ManUp!’ s vital awareness message to communities right around Australia.

Dr Peter Swindle – MBBS MS FRACS (Urologist)

Dr Peter Swindle is a Brisbane urologist who specialises solely in prostate cancer and diseases of the prostate. His expertise lies in robotic prostatectomy and prostate brachytherapy. Dr Swindle has extensive radical prostatectomy experience of over 1,600 cases including robotic prostatectomy, open radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. He has established the Queensland Prostate Clinic in Brisbane, which functions to provide comprehensive information on the detection and treatment of prostate cancer. page

Dr Michael Gillman

Dr Gillman has specific expertise in male sexual health and male sexual dysfunction. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and is an affiliate member of Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine (AChSHM) which has been established within the Adult Medicine Division of the Royal Australian College of Physicians.

Peter Dornan - Dip.Phty., FASMF Sports Physiotherapy

Peter is a physiotherapist with more than forty-eight years practical experience in the field of sporting injuries. He has also written two books on sports injuries, and one on treating incontinence, called “Conquering Incontinence”. He has just released a fourth medical book “Pelvic Pain: A musculoskeletal approach to treatment”. In 1997, he became founder and convenor of the Brisbane Prostate Cancer Support Group.


  • “That was an awesome talk and I know everyone got a lot out of it. Most lads from our team learnt something. Just passing on my appreciation. I have booked in for a PSA at 8am tomorrow when I get home. Good stuff.”

    Author image
    • Rod Jones
      Team Leader - C Crew Drill and Blast - Clermont open Cut Mine.
  • “I just want to share with everyone what a great presentation we had yesterday with the MAN up team about prostate cancer. It was really well received by the Ops team and the spotless Teams. The presenters were fantastic.

    I believe this would be a great presentation for every team member for both SHELL and Spotless.

    Being a prostate cancer survivor at 47 years of age I hope that I can encourage everyone in your teams / villages / offices to contact MANUP and take this presentation to all of our teams as early detection saved my life and I am so lucky!”

    Author image
    • Stephen Knott
      Contract Manager - Spotless.
  • “This morning you presented to C Crew at Glencore’s Clermont Open Cut mine. As the safety rep for the haulage team I would like to extend you a very big THANK YOU.

    Your presentation was by far one of the best we have ever had here on site being very informative, down to earth and able to really connect with all crew members. For any presentation to keep the crew talking about the topic all day, especially this topic, is no small feat.”

    Author image
    • Cameron Trevethan
      C Crew Safety Rep/Operator - Clermont open Cut Mine.
  • “I’d like to say thank you very much for your recent visit to Burdekin Shire Council staff. I have had so much positive feedback from staff, with some saying they have made and attended appointments, along with others following up on their scores.”

    Author image
    • Julianne Priddle
      Human Resource Officer - Burdekin Shire Council.
  • “I just wanted to let you know that the presentation about prostate cancer was greatly appreciated. The presentation dismissed a lot of myths about the disease and highlighted the important things like the PSA test, getting it done every year and creating a baseline to compare your score. It was a very worthwhile presentation”

    Author image
    • Greg Collins
      D Crew Haulage Supervisor - Clermont open Cut Mine.