BA Creative

Our professional creative partner. Providing web design and technology solutions. BA Creative also created our iconic ManUp! logo.

Having a web design partner like BA Creative has been invaluable to ManUp!

BA Creative built our original website for us that lasted many years and was instrumental in raising our profile and allowing people to find out more about the work we do. And, when it was time for a new website, it was BA Creative again who stepped up and built us this state-of-the-art WordPress website.

Our new website has been tailor made for us. No off the shelf templates here – it’s all unique to ManUp! This is also true of the WordPress admin backend of the site. Everything has been built specifically for us, making updating a breeze.

We highly recommend BA Creative for anyone looking for professional web design Brisbane services.

Oh, BA Creative are also branding experts. They designed our iconic ManUp! logo – what an asset that has proven to be. We can’t imagine life without that little chap!

BA Creative – Web Design Brisbane

904 Stanley St East
07 3393 2047




  • “That was an awesome talk and I know everyone got a lot out of it. Most lads from our team learnt something. Just passing on my appreciation. I have booked in for a PSA at 8am tomorrow when I get home. Good stuff.”

    Author image
    • Rod Jones
      Team Leader - C Crew Drill and Blast - Clermont open Cut Mine.
  • “I just want to share with everyone what a great presentation we had yesterday with the MAN up team about prostate cancer. It was really well received by the Ops team and the spotless Teams. The presenters were fantastic.

    I believe this would be a great presentation for every team member for both SHELL and Spotless.

    Being a prostate cancer survivor at 47 years of age I hope that I can encourage everyone in your teams / villages / offices to contact MANUP and take this presentation to all of our teams as early detection saved my life and I am so lucky!”

    Author image
    • Stephen Knott
      Contract Manager - Spotless.
  • “This morning you presented to C Crew at Glencore’s Clermont Open Cut mine. As the safety rep for the haulage team I would like to extend you a very big THANK YOU.

    Your presentation was by far one of the best we have ever had here on site being very informative, down to earth and able to really connect with all crew members. For any presentation to keep the crew talking about the topic all day, especially this topic, is no small feat.”

    Author image
    • Cameron Trevethan
      C Crew Safety Rep/Operator - Clermont open Cut Mine.
  • “I’d like to say thank you very much for your recent visit to Burdekin Shire Council staff. I have had so much positive feedback from staff, with some saying they have made and attended appointments, along with others following up on their scores.”

    Author image
    • Julianne Priddle
      Human Resource Officer - Burdekin Shire Council.
  • “I just wanted to let you know that the presentation about prostate cancer was greatly appreciated. The presentation dismissed a lot of myths about the disease and highlighted the important things like the PSA test, getting it done every year and creating a baseline to compare your score. It was a very worthwhile presentation”

    Author image
    • Greg Collins
      D Crew Haulage Supervisor - Clermont open Cut Mine.