ManUp! Monday


ManUp! Monday


In the heart of Australia’s rugged landscape lies a silent battle, affecting thousands of lives every year.

Prostate Cancer – a formidable enemy that strikes without warning. It’s the most common cancer in Australia, with over 24,000 men facing diagnosis annually. And as the sun rises on another day, over 240,000 of our fathers, brothers, sons, friends and colleagues continue their fight against this relentless disease.

Every day, ten men will lose their lives to prostate cancer. Ten families shattered, dreams cut short, futures forever changed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Early detection can be the key to saving lives.

Introducing ‘ManUp! Monday’ – a Prostate Cancer Awareness initiative that is more than just a campaign; it’s a lifeline. With the unwavering support of your organisation, ‘ManUp! Monday’ is empowering our male-oriented workforce to become guardians of their health and well-being.

‘ManUp! Monday’ is more than just another Workplace Health and Safety Program – It’s a powerful tool designed to promote behavioural change in men at any workplace. The main goal of ‘ManUp! Monday’ is to raise awareness of prostate cancer and the vital importance of regular testing. Armed with knowledge, our workforce is empowered to take charge of their health, making informed decisions for their well-being. We have learnt that early detection saves lives!

Together, we can spark a wave of change that resonates far beyond any workplace. Together, we will forge a future where prostate cancers are detected earlier, treated more effectively, and lives are saved.

So, let’s stand tall, side by side, as we encourage every organization across the country to embrace ‘ManUp! Monday’.

Because when we come together, the impossible becomes possible. Together, we will rise above the statistics and celebrate a new era of hope, survival, and a better quality of life for all.

It’s a simple initiative to implement. Working with ManUp! and their workwear suppliers.

Join us in the fight against prostate cancer, one Monday at a time.

Join the Movement – its time to ManUp! Australia! For more information on how your organisation can roll out ManUp! Monday, please contact Jill Costello on 0423 849 129, Leah Costello on 0406 585 159 or email